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Purchase Agreement

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For any reason that the order is canceled after payment is made, a 25% restocking fee will be charged. If a problem occurs after an animal is purchased and a resolution cannot be reached by replacement and the purchaser denies a replacement, the purchased animal must be returned. A fee of not more than 50% of said animals purchase price maybe assessed to the refund


If you own other reptiles, you must quarantine the new reptile for a period of 6 weeks. Your new reptile should not come into contact with other reptiles or items that have come in contact with other reptiles and/or their habitats during this time. This includes but is not limited to: food, tools and hides.


If you receive an incorrectly sexed animal, it will be replaced with a different like quality/priced animal. If purchaser chooses to keep the original animal, a discount can be applied to an additional animal of their choosing.


Please refer to the care sheet for the specifics of the animal being purchased, including temperature, substrate, stuck shed, and feeding.


If there is any questions or concerns with your purchased animal, it is important for you to contact us immediately. For example, if they will not eat or if you have any other concerns with their health. Your warranty may become void if the directions provided by Ectothermic Dungeon are not followed.



Deposits are accepted here at T.E.D. We offer a 25% non refundable deposit. The balance is to be paid in full within 30 days unless otherwise agreed upon by the purchaser and seller prior to the initial deposit.  



In the event a return is determined, there will be a 50% restocking fee and the price of the return overnight shipping will be at the purchasers expense.



All Ball pythons carry a live arrival guarantee.
Animals will be shipped Monday-Wednesday through "www.reptiles" for next day delvery. Shipping cost will be calculated based on buyers zip code and any applicable shipping materials. We will only ship orders when temperatures are above 40 degrees and below 90 degrees Any purchases made during borderline temperatures may cause a delay in shipping.  
If a Snake arrives and you have any concerns about their health. You must contact us immedialty upon receipt of the animal in order for your warranty or possible replacement to be valid.
If a shipping address is provided and (FedEx) is unable to deliver and its found that the address provided is incorrect, all warranties are void. Partial refunds maybe considered by The Ectothermic Dungeon.



At the Ectothermic Dungeon, we offer the chance for the purchaser to get a 14 day warranty. This warranty will only become active after the purchaser has completed the following steps:
1. If the following data is not provided within 48 hours, the warranty is void. No exceptions.
    A) Your Full name and any contact information you can provide (phone number, address, email address, etc.)     
2. You must send a picture of your enclosure within your warranty email.
   A) Send your information to
Should you need to use your warranty, it is imperative we see the appropriate care and attention as suggested by our care sheets is being given to the animal. Your warranty depends on your ability to follow the instructions outlined on our website. All warranties are subject to the discretion of The Ectothermic Dungeon (T.E.D). 
Limited to a one time replacement. If you have any questions use our contact us page to drop us a message
Thanks for your purchase

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