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Eggs! Oh my!

Welcome back to the blog. We are happy to have you here today. The day after Easter and we have some more eggs on the ground. This makes the 20th clutch of the 2021 season! We are beyond stoked with how early our season started. We are just under half way for our anticipated number of clutches this year. We paired right around 70 snakes and it looks like there will be right around 50 that will go. Now on to the star of the day!

Here you all go! This is her! This is her first year breeding and she is what we believe to be a Pastel Black Pastel Enchi Leopard Yellowbelly ph Pied/Sk Axanthic. She was paired to a Blade Clown het Lavender ph Pied. She gave us eight beautiful eggs. All fertile! We hope that they both prove out Pied! It will be great to have pied het clowns added to our collection. Only time will tell! Her 55 day mark in 5/30/21. Mark your calendars!.

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