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The Start to the Darkside

Welcome back everybody. We are continuing our series with the darkphase. I will like to show off the male that has started it all for us here in the Dungeon.

This is the Pastel Darkphase that we picked up from Greg Grazianni. He is darker than your normal Pastel Axanthic. His colors are more rich and a little darker browns.

This boy has put in his work. We can't wait to see what else this boy can produce

Now here is a regular pastel axanthic

The browns have a softer tone to them. The brown is not so rich. They are similar but just enough is different.

I hope this helps a little into what a Darkphase can do with just the pastel. Stay tuned and the next blog will have one of the boys that we produced. The Darkphase is really coming out in him. Until then, you all take care.

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