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True Darkness

Hello Everyone! This week we are looking to start a new series in the blog. I just did a livestream on instagram with Diaballical Pythons and we got on the subject about the Darkphase TSK Axanthic. This is one project that we are excited to be working with. Here is a little clip to show you what Darkphase is:

Greg really created something outstanding here. Its crazy that they are both the same animal. Super Pastel Leopard TSK Axanthics. The Darkphase really turns it up a notch. That black on black is awesome.

Our goal here at the dungeon is to be able to produce both Darkphase and the lighter side of Axanthics. We are still fairly new to the Darkphase. We have only been working with it for three years. We picked up a Pastel Darkphase from Greg. He has been the star of the show. And as Greg was saying, it is really know on how or when it will show up. It did take us a few years, but we have came to the conclusion that it does take time for the Darkphase to show. We had a couple of babies that came out of the egg and they looked identical. Fast forward 6 months or so, and now they look totally different from one another. We will get more into that later this week. Please stay tuned. We will be bringing more Darkphase goodness to you this week.

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