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Happy Easter

Hello all! This is the short quiet guy in all the videos, Matt. As you all know, this is Easter weekend. And what better way to start the weekend, than giving you all a new website. We have been working on this for months now, and are happy with the new feel! With the new upgrade, we even added a mobile version of the site! We hope that you all are as happy as we are with the new website. Feel free to comment below on anything. Whether it is something positive, or even feed back about the site that may need to be improved. And please bare with me, blogging is new for me and I will do my best to keep it creative and informative. We are not sure on how often we will blog, but we hope to have enough material to keep it frequent. Thanks again for all the support and we hope to hear from you all soon!

Oh and one last thing. We have our first Youtube live egg cutting tomorrow Sunday, 4/4/21 @7:30Pm est. The best Easter eggs you can get! Link is below.

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